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Why is having a responsive web design important in 2022

Statistics say that most people are using their smartphones to access the web. A study published in 2019 by CNBC says that at least 72 percent of internet users will only use their smartphones to navigate the internet, which equals almost 3.7 billion people. Research has also demonstrated that people only need 10 seconds to decide if a website is worth exploring.

If you analyze the information given above, the importance of responsive web design becomes apparent. After all, if the majority of people are using mobile devices to access the internet, every website should adapt to the needs of modern users to be able to provide an optimal user experience.

Let’s explore together the different reasons why having a responsive web design is important in 2022.

Reasons why a responsive web design is essential


Most website traffic originates from individual searches made on different search engines. Suppose your website has been optimized to provide an optimal experience to all users regardless of the device from where they visit your website. In that case, it’s very likely for them to continue exploring it, leading to lead generation and conversion, among many other advantages.

Adding responsiveness to web design is all about enhancing the user experience on your website, making it easy for people to navigate through it and find what they need. It can be especially useful for e-commerce companies.


If your website has been doing poorly in SEO and you can’t find the exact reason for that, maybe it’s because it hasn’t been optimized to provide a good user experience for mobile users.

Google now ranks better on those websites with responsive designs. Furthermore, these sites seem to rank even faster in local areas. Hence, considering the fact that most people access the internet via their smartphones, Google decided to “change” to mobile-first indexing.

Hence, your website is now indexed and ranked based on its mobile version. Therefore, if you would like your website to rank higher, maybe you should start working on its responsiveness.

User experience

Digital marketing is not only about promoting your service or product. It’s also about providing a good user experience to your clientele. Therefore, your website should be optimized according to what people.

Sixty-one percent of people may leave a site if they don’t find the information they need during their first try. Furthermore, about 57 percent of internet users are more likely to buy something on a website if they had a good experience. 

Hence, if you want to make sure that people connect with your business, you should also focus on providing a good user experience to your clientele.


The web is evolving with each day that passes. Although many people still access the web through their computers, the majority of internet users prefer using their smartphones for that purpose. Therefore, it’s now crucial for websites to adapt their platforms to mobile devices, allowing people to access them from any device they may own without visual disturbances.



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