Microsoft Ignite

New Zealand

25 – 28 October, 2016
SKYCITY, Auckland

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Be one of the minds that make it happen

Join industry leaders at Microsoft Ignite NZ. Some top names will be there, you could be standing alongside them. Microsoft Ignite NZ offers dozens of opportunities to grow your professional and personal connections Thoughts will be sparked. Questions will be answered. Fun will be had.

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Who is Microsoft Ignite NZ for?

Microsoft Ignite NZ delegates have a few things in common. You want to find new ways of doing things faster and smarter. You want to share ideas and connect and you want to challenge Microsoft to continue to push for greater innovation.

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Convince your boss

Kick-Off Countdown Show

Microsoft Ignite NZ Countdown Show

Ignite New Zealand is just around the corner. Watch our Channel 9 team having a chat with special guest, Dona Sarkar, about her upcoming keynote!