Welcome, thinkers

The industry is moving at a rapid pace. You don’t want to miss a minute, let alone three and a half days of NZ’s largest tech conference. Go beyond the buzz and boost your skills.


So who is this event for?

Microsoft Ignite NZ is for anyone who’s a techie or works with technical people to connect with the brightest minds in the industry. That’s you! Typically, we mean IT Pros and Developers. And when we say Developers we’re talking to all you Architects, Testers, Designers, Engineers, Business Analysts and UX/UI professionals.

And if we’re calling out IT Pros – we mean all of you Infrastructure Specialists, Sys Admins and Engineers, Database Administrators/Architects, Opps Managers, IT Managers, IT Technicians, Service Delivery Managers, BI Consultants, Solutions Specialists and Network Managers. Yes, all of you.

No matter what it says on your LinkedIn or Twitter, all of our delegates have a few things in common. You want to find new ways of doing things faster, cheaper and smarter. You want to be surrounded with the people you respect and follow online, and you want to challenge Microsoft to continue to push for greater innovation with every new product release.

Convince your boss

Event principles

Inspiring ideas are forged in the fires of diversity. We respect different perspectives in person, and online. Not everyone has the same point of view, and we think that’s cause for celebration! The brightest minds are welcomed at Microsoft Ignite NZ regardless of gender identity or expression, race, religion or any other part of your unique identity.

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